AES adds SAMSUNG home appliance line to product repair roster

Appliance Electrical Services has recently increased its expert home appliance service staff to include SAMSUNG-certified appliance repair technicians specialized in SAMSUNG’s full range of major home appliances.  

Are you new to SAMSUNG?

On the washing machine side, Samsung has stayed on top of J.D. Power and Associates “highest rated in customer satisfaction with clothes washer and dryers,” from 2008 to 2012.  The diversified electronics brand happens to make some great washing machines and is known for its VRT – vibration reduction technology – that makes the washers usable in smaller spaces. This new technology allows for smoother operation at spin speeds up to 1300 revolutions per minute.  Another innovation is the introduction of Samsung’s  PowerFoam™ Technology that is kinder to fabric.  Samsung washers are also self-cleaning stove, with Samsung’s PureCycle™ technology and the brand’s NSF® certified sanitization cycle that eliminates 99.9% of household germs from laundry.

Samsung home appliances are mostly certified with ENERGY STAR®.  This valuable certification  guarantees that any such designated appliances helps the environment by using less energy, which means less money you spend on electricity. ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting energy efficiency.

Take a peek at SAMSUNG appliances:

AES is expert at installing, troubleshooting and servicing the complete product line. Each AES truck is equipped with technical diagnostic tools and SAMSUNG factory- approved replacement parts.

If you own any of the following Samsung appliances, AES is your go-to expert home appliance service provider that is Samsung-certified and factory trained in the following products:

  • Samsung washers and dryers
  • Samsung refrigerators
  • Samsung microwaves
  • Samsung dishwashers
  • Samsung ranges

A little love goes a long way.

AES is convinced that care of your SAMSUNG appliances starts with proper installation, adequate training in use of your SAMSUNG appliances, followed by a maintenance schedule and the willingness to think troubleshoot over repair, to ensure the longevity of your SAMSUNG appliances.

Not sure if you need us? Call anyway.

Often, a little noise is nothing to worry about, but sometimes, it is a harbinger of something larger looming.  It doesn’t make sense to wait when AES offers same-day service in most SAMSUNG service areas.

Little or no down time is guaranteed.

AES stocks SAMSUNG-approved for SAMSUNG factory-originating spare appliance parts on our service vehicles.  This means should you need SAMSUNG appliance repair, that appliance down times are minimal and that all of our repairs are guaranteed.  Should your repair require a special part, there is no need to worry.  In most instances, we can have it delivered over night.

Not enough information? Watch SAMSUNG on YouTube:

AES expert appliance technicians have earned full SAMSUNG credentials and keep them update on a regular basis.  Most AES appliance technicians have also received certifications from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians as Certified Appliance Professionals.  All AES repair technicians are licensed bonded and have passed background checks. 


You may visit SAMSUNG’s web site at or access information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at:

AES dispatchers are available on a 24/7 basis at the company’s toll free number: 1.800.520.7059. You may also schedule a regular appointment during office hours or by clicking this link to make a request online.